Stickers & Laths

About Stickers & Laths

We manufacture all lengths and dimensions of stickers and laths. 

  • Stickers are primarily used as spacers allowing steam or air to circulate in wood drying process. 
  • Laths are primarily used as spacers in lumber packing.
  • Stickers and laths are HT Certified.
  • Custom lengths and dimensions are available.
  • Approved for food packaging and heat-treated according to the guidelines of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
  • Most of our laths are made of SPF (spruce/pine-fir) but they can also be made of hardwood.



Products Tandem Load Tri-Axle Load Eight Train Load
7/8x 30096 36784 40128
3/4x 54000 66000 72000
3/8x 116640 142560 155520
5/16x 168480 205920 224640
1/4x 168480 205920 224640